May. 31st, 2011

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My apologies for the lapse in updates. I've been trying to get through the last leg of this month with school, while working to put the pieces of my life back together. Also, in the moments where I have had a chance to breathe, I've spent them panting over [ profile] rhiannon76 's impending novel. (Seriously. Good. Head-food. OM NOM NOM.) I only wish I had the kind of reading time that I once had, because DAMN, I'm rather obsessed with the world. The characters. The concepts. (In other words, "WOW, RHI!") 

Now, on to the quick and dirty.

Good stuff: 
  • finally got a job.
  • Matt may have an opportunity for a position in the field that he is going to school for. Also, he would be working with his best friend from high school, if he gets the job.
  • I am still a straight A student.
  • Next month I only have one class to worry about. (Whew!)
  • Matt and I are still crazy lovebirds.
  • The kids are happy and healthy.
  • "Busty" the gypsy mobile is still running.
  • Summer is almost here. (This means gratuitous amounts of camping, fishing, and hiking!)
  • We are staying with my amazingly wonderful sister until August. (Hopefully, we will not have to be here even that long, as I don't feel right invading her life in the way that we have. So, our goal is to be out and in our own place well before August.)
  • Matt may also join the Navy Reserves.
  • Plot bunnies will not leave me alone.
Not so good stuff:
  • My new job has me on call, but they have not called me in to work yet. *is still looking for a job*
  • Nomadic life has taken somewhat of a toll on my kids' academics. (To be fair, this has been quite difficult for them, even with Mom and Dad making it an adventure.)
  • While "Busty" has not succumbed yet, we think she is having a transmission issue. Which translates to, "SERIOUSLY SCREWED" if she dies on us now.
  • Matt tried to join the Navy as an active recruit, but he was told that he has one too many dependents. Damn it.
  • Plot bunnies will not leave me alone.
(Boy, I am so glad that that list is much shorter.)

Anyway, things are not quite there yet, but I am starting to see some progress. I am as grateful as ever to have such good friends (and family) in my life, both in RL and online. You guys make all the difference.


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